Tour in a tapestry museum


With this exceptional set you will have the opportunity to explore the centuries-old history and secrets of the creation of internationally reputable and highest-ranked Armenian carpet.

The experienced guides will walk you through the exhibition halls of the museum where you can admire the everlasting elegance of new and four hundred year-old carpets.

Here you will find the only carpets made using Armenian double knotting techniques and not only will you have the opportunity to follow these unique techniques, but you will also get the chance to try and have your contribution to making one of the carpets.

This set is an excellent option to spend your time with your family and is irreplaceable especially for those who seek to learn more about the Armenian culture ad centuries-old traditions.

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Tour in a tapestry museum

  • Tour in the tapestry museum
  • Professional guide
  • Carpet weaving master class
2,500 դր.
(~ 5 $.)
750 բոնուս

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    a set for 1 person

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    2 days in advance

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    From Monday to Friday- 09:00-17:30, Saturday- 09:00-16:00